Darling Dame!

As most of you know, Dame Julie Andrews has a very special place in my heart. Not only for her wonderful work on stage and screen (Everyone loves The Sound of Music, of course, but I’m also a huge fan of Victor/Victoria as well as her Broadway recordings of The Boy Friend and My Fair Lady), but for the generosity she always shows me in person. She impresses me so much that I devoted a chapter to her in HOLLYWOOD INSIDER: EXPOSED and included her among my “Dream Dinner Party Guests” in DINNER AT NELSON’S.

I first met her 7 years ago on location at Disneyland, but since then I’ve gotten to interview her six (!) times…so we really have established a wonderful kinship, which I think really shows when you see our chats. Not only is there an innate trust & respect between us, but simpatico on so many different subjects.  That is a rare thing in broadcast journalism and I can only count the stars with whom I share that special “something” on one hand.

Julie is the real deal.  A lady, a friend, a professional…as wise as she is talented and as down to earth as she is graceful.  I’m so lucky to know her, but even if you never get the chance to meet her, rest assured that the person she presents in our interviews is the person she is.