Mid-Year Running Report

If you’ve been following my recreational activities the last 10 years, you know that I publish an annual “Running Report” on my website: http://nelsonaspen.com/running_report2010.html

After a decade of giving up so much of my personal life to the demands of distance training, I usually find myself vowing that every marathon will “be my last!” But as I approach #17 (July 31 in San Francisco), I have to confess that I’m as smitten as I’ve ever been.

A lot of that is thanks to my coach, Blue, whom I happened to meet earlier this year. I do harbor a self-confessed case of “hero worship” when it comes to this fit and fanatical marathoner…and the fact that he is such an affable and motivating coach only endears him to me more. Our workouts make me wish I could hire him for DAILY sessions. Heck, he’s such an inspiration, I’d sign him on as my Life Coach, Nutritionist and BFF!

At a time in life where many experience diminishing performance, I’m actually improving in speed, flexibility and endurance. And when it comes to enthusiasm, I’m at an all time high. Mid-life crisis? Bah! I’m just hitting my stride/Prime! I may not be setting Personal Records statistically, but Age-Adjusted, I’m kicking ASS!

While I’ve previously pledged to run less and concentrate on “quality” over “quantity,” so far in 2011 I have discovered that I’m able to enjoy both. The half-way mark of the calendar, July 1, also happens to be my birthday…so I’m delighted that at the rate I’m going, I may surpass last year’s mileage (1105)…and maybe even my all-time record of 1300 in 2007.  My weight (145#) and body fat are significantly less than when I was an adolescent….running is truly my fountain of youth.  I may just have to get that “26.2” tattoo after all!

I DO know that I’m excited for July 31…running San Francisco. Bonus…Blue is joining me. I’m counting on a big celebration at the Finish Line!

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