It Gets Better

The latest headline-making teen suicide blamed on bullying brought the name Jamey Rodemeyer to everyone’s attention…including his idol, Lady Gaga (props to her for the emotional tribute she performed last weekend). As someone who was bullied relentlessly throughout my adolescence, I continue to be dismayed that this is not only still an issue for youngsters…but that it seems to only have gotten worse as Social Networking has exploded.

I attended the Trevor Project’s annual gala fundraiser which honored Daniel Radcliffe for his public stand against discrimination and bullying.  Lots of other celebrity names were in attendance and have supported the organization’s important work.  But if “it takes a Village,” we are all going to have to strive for a zero tolerance when it comes to bullying.  I’d like to think that parents and teachers can control it….but they couldn’t when I was a kid and they still can’t today.

I invite you to check out the “It Gets Better” page at and perhaps you’ll make an “It Gets Better” video, too, to help support and encourage bullied kids.

It Gets Better – Nelson Aspen Video

And here’s my report on Lady Gaga’s tribute to her “little monster,” Jamey Rodemeyer: