Running Report 2011

NYC Marathon. 4:21:37

2011 was not only another year filled with “runner highs” and memorable moments, it marked my Tenth Anniversary as distance runner. I continue to be delighted that thru my Media appearances, blogs and Twitter posts, I can inspire others to get out and play with the sport. It requires no great skill, coordination, talent or investment…just a desire and love of moving one foot in front of the other. Many visitors to NYC, my favorite place to run, tell me I am an “Ambassador” for running in the Big Apple.

Thanks to my trainer, Blue, I’ve had a year of progress, without injury or compromise. He so inspires me that Marathon’ing can forever be a part of my life, I added a new “26.2” tattoo to my collection.  …and THREE new “Personal Bests!”

My busy travel schedule commuting between LA & NYC, and a three week book tour around Australia, didn’t keep me from pounding out good mileage (and running along beautiful Bondi Beach and the Yarra River are experiences I wish for every runner!).  In fact, 2011 was my second-highest mileage year to date!

Here’s the annual rundown:

*NYRR Gridiron 4 Miler. (33:38) Celebrating Super Bowl Sunday with a short (and frigid!) run in Central Park. A personal best for this distance.

*NYC Running Tours. Shooting a segment for SUNRISE, I got a personalized, guided running tour of some of Manhattan’s most iconic landmarks including the Empire State Building, Times Square and Lincoln Center. I want to work for these guys!
*Achilles Hope & Possibility 8 km. (36:45) A fast, fun race in Central Park to support and celebrate the amazing achievements of physically challenged runners. A personal best for this distance.


*San Francisco Marathon. (4:25:37) My 17th Marathon was a feast for the eyes and a workout for the legs. Having Blue at the Starting Line and my friends Gena & Pankaj at the Finish made it all the more special. Thanks to my training, I was barely even sore afterward!


Ted Corbitt 15k. 1:21:42

*ING NYC Marathon. (4:21:37) Marathon #18…and a last minute decision, but an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience. I ran to raise money for the City Meals on Wheels charity and partied with Blue, my best friend Glenn and my Aussie mate Kurt Fearnley, who placed #2 in the Wheelchair Division. This event is one for every runner’s Bucket List. I felt great the entire time!



*Ted Corbitt Run 15km.  (1:21:42) I had fun with this freezing run last year, so decided to do it again–better insulated & another personal best!  Ran into my pal, Lauren, just as we were approaching the Finish Line and we got to catch up over a post-race Bagel.

2011 – 1200 (1931.21 km)
2010 – 1105.6 (1779.29 km)
2009 – 1070.1 (1722.16 km)
2008 – 1152 (1853.96 km)
2007 – 1300 (2091.7 km)
2006 – 1064 (1712.34 km)
2005 – 1143 (1839.08 km)
2004 – 944.9 (1520.34 km)
2003 – 834.2 (1342.22 km)