The Brains & Brawn Workout

Who says, "Nobody walks in L.A.?"

Originally conceived as a "Virtual Hike" by creator/instructor, NELSON ASPEN, the 45 minute workout is performed entirely on regular treadmills and is designed to exercise the body AND the mind!

The mega-popular BRAINS & BRAWN WORKOUT is taking health maintenance in a new direction. "Sure, we're working out," Aspen says, "but this is foremost a 'walk n' talk...' a way for students to get warmed up for their day as a group. It's a walking club within the confines of the health club." Overhead TVs play CNN, handweights, towels and water bottles are at arm's length and Aspen pays close attention to the body positions and progress of each hiker. Ideal for all fitness levels, the average Hiker strides between 3.5 and 5 miles per session, burning over 400 calories. "I want the class to leave exhilarated, not exhausted. After all, they have a full day ahead of them!"

A popular trainer worldwide since 1987, Aspen knows how to combine the benefits of fitness with the enjoyment of social interaction. "Unlike other cross-training classes, this is about working as a GROUP. Every hike differs in speeds and elevations, just like walking different trails each day. The catch here is that participants burn fat and calories, tone muscles and cardio train while also getting the first news of the day, astrological predictions and even the weather forecast!"

Nelson's celebrity clientele has included Kristin Davis ("Sex & The City") and Mindy Cohn ("The Facts of Life")

If it sounds like a morning show, it's no coincidence. Aspen is also an Entertainment & Lifestyles Reporter, known as the "Hollywood Insider" on TV GUIDE TELEVISION and currently Great Britain's "Live from LA" Show-Biz reporter for their early-morning breakfast show. His captivating and enterprising nature has already resulted in this dynamic experience being featured locally on "Eyewitness News," THE LOS ANGELES TIMES and THE LARCHMONT CHRONICLE and internationally on BBC Radio, Canada's LIFE Network, Metro News, PBS' "Health Week" and CBS THIS MORNING. There have also been feature articles in LA SPORTS & FITNESS, FITNESS, SHAPE, SELF, FAMILY CIRCLE, AMERICAN WAY, WOMEN'S SPORTS & FITNESS, HEALTH,, and HEALTH & FITNESS JOURNAL.

In an effort to keep students stimulated, Aspen even added a book club and author visits to the mix. After the first entry (the murder mystery, "False Accusations" by Alan Jacobson) made a splash, Aspen followed up with funnylady Mimi Kennedy, star of the ABC sitcom Dharma & Greg and glamorous film star Stella Stevens, who authored "Razzle Dazzle." Other authors include David Hill, Thom Racina, Gregg Andrew Hurwitz, Kelly Lange, and Diane Farr. A host of other entertaining experts from the worlds of showbiz and health also drop by. "We can't read fast enough to keep up with the demand now!" Aspen laughs. Whether it's an author, an actor, a Feng Shui expert or sommelier, the clientele has come to revel in the ever-changing content. In an ironic twist, participants read Aspen's own How-To book, "Let's Dish Up A Dinner Party!" as well as his historical thriller: "Sacred Blood."

Due to the overwhelming demand for this innovative workout to be expanded outside of Los Angeles, Nelson is designing custom-made programs for clubs and workout centers throughout the world. Partnership opportunities for publishers, self-help and educational outlets are also available. There are even plans for a special BRAINS AND BRAWN WORKOUT treadmill and television series.

Students never know what to expect other than a vigorous, motivating workout and surprises only Nelson Aspen can provide!

Guidelines for the BRAINS & BRAWN WORKOUT:

  • Arrive early to sign in, as space is limited.
  • Bring a bottle of water, preferably with a sling to hang from the treadmill.
  • Bring 2-3 pound weights from the aerobic room. Return the weights after class.
  • Walk/run at your own pace and discretion. YOU control the speed and elevation.
  • Stop or slow down any time you might feel dizzy, light headed or exhausted.
  • An emergency "Stop" button is located on the treadmill's left handrail.
  • Be prepared for extra-curricular "Homework!"
  • Have an autograph book ready...just in case!

For more information about the "BRAINS & BRAWN WORKOUT," contact Nelson Aspen.

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