Nelson's new book,
Dancing Between The Raindrops

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Award winning journalist and author Nelson Aspen announces his latest book, a semi-autobiographical novel set in 1980's New York City: "Dancing Between the Raindrops!" A wild, coming-of-age story about four friends in the era of big hair, padded shoulders and punk rock, Aspen admits "I think it would make Carrie Bradshaw blush!" Celebrity cameos from personalities of the Eighties (Donald Trump, Princess Diana, Peter Allen and Regis Philbin to name a few!) are interwoven throughout this steamy story set in the glittering worlds of Manhattan showbiz, finance industry and gym culture.

Join the outrageous fun by picking up your copy of "Dancing Between the Raindrops" online at Amazon for $15.99.


"A joyful, heartfelt love letter to New York, friendship, and the passing of time. It sparkles with affection and memory."

—Gareth Russell, Best Selling Author, Historian & Playwright

"A raunchy romp through the 80s. I’m still blushing!"

—Melissa Doyle, Television Presenter, Journalist & Author

"Nelson’s personality and voice come through on every page of this eighties adventure that takes readers on a captivating journey from NYC to Hollywood and Europe with some very well known personalities popping up along the way. It’s a naughty, nostalgic page turner that parachutes the reader into another time. A great read."

—Robert Jobson, New York Times bestselling author and royal expert

"Nelson Aspen has created a page turner with an eye-opening look into his world, his friends and his sometimes crazy adventures. I know Nelson as a fellow journalist. With this book, based on his own life as a young man in New York City, he’s taken who, what, where, when, why and how and crafted it all into an interesting, entertaining and sometimes racy account of his time finding his way in the world."

—George Pennacchio, Host of ABC's "On The Red Carpet"

"I could not put down Nelson Aspen's well-written, Dancing Between the Raindrops, which entertainingly brings the eighties to life again. The likable, witty TJ Porter (the fictional character based on the author) explores his sexuality and navigates life in the Big Apple with various friends, lovers, and jobs that take him on a life-changing journey. Highly recommended."

—Tom Lisanti, author of Ryan's Hope: An Oral History of Daytime's Groundbreaking Soap

"And I thought I had an exciting life. Wow—what a great gallop through the Eighties that brought back so many of my own personal memories. While reading Dancing Between the Raindrops, I started living vicariously through our hero TJ and couldn’t wait for each new conquest and job adventure. Put me in your suitcase, TJ Porter! As a show business veteran myself, I can honestly say author Aspen gets the serendipity of right time/right place, and how it’s that combination of talent, luck and pluck that puts us where we are somehow meant to be. Can’t wait for his next decade!"

—Ilene Kristen, TV & Broadway Actor

"Nelson Aspen's book, Dancing Between the Raindrops, celebrates life, love, show business, New York City in the Eighties, and the perfect cocktail. But the underlying theme of the book is one of hope and it is a rollercoaster ride of a reminder that life is grand if you decide to make it so."

—Louise Shaffer, Author & Emmy Winning Actor

Dancing Between the Raindrops is for everyone who remembers The Eighties—and for those who can’t! Nelson Aspen romps to some intriguing places and sticky situations! You will be aghast and amazed at the ways he gets into—and out of—mischief."

—Alexandra Boyd, Filmmaker, Ship of Dreams: Titanic Movie Diaries

Available Now on Amazon