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Simple Super Salmon Pasta

Olivia De-Have-to-Have-A-Tapenade

Dropping names (and stories) as liberally as most cooks apply salt and pepper, Nelson Aspen camps out in the kitchen and puts a double-snap on the standard dinner party. I don't know which is better, the dishes or the dish.

Friday, October 15, 2004

All the dish and then some.
Lewis Carroll, the famed author of Alice in Wonderland, once said that the main cause of failure of dinner parties was not running short on food or drink, but running short on conversation. Don't let this happen to you! Check out Let's Dish Up a Dinner Party, the new book by Nelson Aspen. Nelson is a Hollywood insider and former producer/reporter for TV Guide Television. He's certainly thrown - or crashed - enough celebrity-studded dinner parties in his day to provide recipes and conversation for years to come. The book includes witty recipes, like Cheesecake of the Rich and Famous, and famous ones, like Chasen's Chili. Nelson even throws in a mud-pack recipe so you'll look your best at dinner. Don't miss the chapter called "Celebrity Dish," where Nelson serves up the scoop on some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities. Let's Dish Up a Dinner Party lists for $12 paperback.
-Anthony Dias Blue, Wine and Spirits Editor, Bon Appétit

Clever & original, executed with panache...Aspen's book is almost as tasty as an actual dinner party! What do I have to do to wrangle an invitation to his next soiree!? This is not only a thorough blueprint for executing the perfect party, it's an amusing and enlightening read from Hollywood's host-with-the-most.
-Mindy Sterling, Actress

Nelson is Hollywood's most amazingly talented host-with-the-most. He gives you chapter after chapter of incredibly original ideas that anyone can use to turn the simplest meal into a super-special party. He gives you tons of examples of how to have fun, and BE fun no matter who's coming to dinner. Don't miss the chance to show your friends and family what entertaining is all about -- Nelson will NEVER give away your secret!
-Gena Lee Nolin, Actress

Cheeky and tasty - I can't wait to try the recipes. And please invite me to your next party - we'll dish!
-Shelley Morrison, "Rosario" WILL & GRACE

Nelson Aspen just may be the new Miss Manners for the 21st century. Laugh out loud funny, with recipes that actually work, "Let's Dish up a Dinner Party!" is filled with all the stuff your mom should have taught you, co-mingled with everything else she warned you about. With humor, warmth and style to spare, Nelson serves up a banquet of dos, don'ts and witty morsels that should get even culinary illiterates or the socially challenged in touch with their inner host.
-Claud Mann, Chef/Host "TBS's Dinner and a Movie"


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