baltimore harborMy overall fitness goal in 2010 was to continue running, injury free...with a nod to the marathon as an annual event. Thanks to my trainers Jacob and David, that has been the happy case. I certainly strive to follow the "Run Less, Run Stronger" rule, but I've actually managed to increase my mileage over last year's total and improve my marathon time by nearly five minutes over perhaps age is agreeing with this runner :)

2010 saw me running in my usual haunts along Los Angeles' thoroughfares & beach paths and my Manhattan "back yard," Central Park. But I also had some unforgettable discoveries on foot with my best friend on East Hampton beach, in glorious New Zealand, up in northern New York state's Catskill Mountains and on the scenic Hudson River promenade from the George Washington Bridge all the way through Riverside Park to the Boat Basin. There is no better way to sightsee than on foot.

I continue to count your encouragement as one of my biggest blessings! THANK YOU! I hope whether you're a runner or not, that 2011 brings you many miles of health and happiness... Maybe I'll see you in July for the San Francisco Marathon!

April 3
*Scottish 10k (Central Park, NYC) 52:22 Place: 2758/7790 Division: 198/368
The second year in a row for this spirited, fun event...with considerably better weather than 2009. Bagpipes, face painting and fun for the throngs of participants and spectators (which to my delighted surprise included my nephew and his family).

October 2
*Hamptons Marathon, 26.2 miles (East Hampton, NY) 4:19:48 Place: 196/344 Division: 17/23
My 16th Marathon saw a significant improvement over my course times for this race and, most importantly, I discovered a key element to the success in my training. I felt fabulous up until Mile 24, when I "hit the wall." I'd been on track for a significantly fast time close to my 2007 Marathon PR, but ended up slowly shuffling the last mile. I have some ideas for tweaks to my training that could make the difference if I decide to try this one again in 2011. (Why not make it FOUR years in a row, eh!?) I was also tickled WPIX Channel 11 in NYC allowed me to share the experience with the viewers of their morning news program.

October 17
*Jog for Justice 5k (Century City, Los Angeles) 23:46 Place: 46/297 Division 4/12
A cool drizzly morning running through the "corporate canyons" of what used to be the backlot of 20th Century Fox Studios. My goal was to come in somewhere between my 5k PR (21:58) and the time projected by my recent marathon performance (27:070, so I was most pleased with the result! A bonus to raise money for the great cause "Shoes That Fit," which provides footwear for kids in need.

October 31
*LA Cancer Challenge 10k (West Los Angeles) 51:44 Place: 200/873 Division: 23/42
A fun, family-friendly Halloween event held on the undulating grounds of the VA Hospital, benefiting Pancreatic Cancer research and treatment. Got to meet talented soap actor Michael Muhney (Adam - Y&R) and ran into (not literally!) my dentist, who's also a running fanatic. A great way to celebrate my 20th Anniversary of living in LA.

November 7
*ING NYC Marathon
I didn't run this event, but I enjoyed being a cheerleader for my friends Pam Hubbard and returning Wheelchair champion Kurt Fearnley. Unfortunately, Kurt came in Third this year, but continued to impress and inspire millions of people...myself included. Post-race, I got to catch up over a long brunch with my friends, running legends Kathrine Switzer & Roger Robinson (see below).

November 10
*Bank of America Tower Stair Climb
Not a run, but a climb of NYC's second tallest skyscraper led by tennis legend Martina Navritolova, to benefit Laureus: a sports-oriented charitable organization. It was a training prep for her attempted climb of Mt. Kilamanjaro and a fun way to get to know Martina (who called me "Maria," when I started singing "Climb Every Mountain.") 55 Flights up, we had a spectacular rooftop view of the city.

November 20-27
*Wellington Harbour, New Zealand
On the advice of Kathrine & Roger, I made sure to include some time for running while visiting the beautiful Kiwi capital (which is also their home, half the year). With my colleague, Brendon Pongia, I enjoyed the brisk, morning beauty of this exquisite venue...teeming with other likeminded--and very polite--runners!

December 19
*Tedd Corbitt 15km, Central Park NYC. 1:32:21. Place: 2517/3541. Division: 150/191
A sub-freezing morning to enjoy some loops around the park with my mate, Chris. We took it slow and steady to enjoy this fun run and still managed to cross the line together in a respectable time before heading out to celebrate Christmas in the Catskills.


In addition to dozens of 5ks and 10ks, here are Nelson's marathon times:
2007 DC National Marathon: 4:03:46
2006 Palos Verdes Half-Marathon: 1:47:47
2011 Ted Corbitt 15k: 1:21:42
2005 Run for the Bay 10k: 45:38
2007 Santa Monica Mountains Trail 9k: 52:14 (1st Place Men 40-44, 9th Overall)
2011 Achilles Hope & Possibility 8k: 41:01
2009 Run for Central Park, 4 miler: 31:22
2006 Achievable Foundation 5k: 21:58

2014 LA Marathon: 4:42:22
2013 Hamptons Marathon 4:27:55
2011 NYC Marathon 4:21:37
2011 San Francisco Marathon 4:25:37
2010 Hamptons Marathon 4:19:48
2009 Hamptons Marathon 4:24:00
2008 Hamptons Marathon 4:26:11
2008 Bermuda International Marathon 4:17:51
2007 Catalina Eco-Marathon 4:41:30
2007 San Francisco Marathon 4:15:55
2006 Florence Marathon 4:22:11
2005 St Jude's Memphis Marathon: 4:11:39
2006 LA Marathon: 4:13:37
2005 LA Marathon: 4:14:01
2003 LA Marathon: 4:23:35
2002 LA Marathon: 5:08:11
2003 Honolulu Marathon: 4:47:55
2002 Honolulu Marathon: 4:32:53
2001 Honolulu Marathon: 4:51:31
2014 Grete's Great Gallop (NYC): 2:08:22
2013 NYC Half-Marathon: 2:03:41
2012 Grete's Great Gallop (NYC): 2:04:28
2012 Hamptons Half-Marathon: 2:03:05
2008 Palos Verdes Half-Marathon: 1:54:26
2005 Palos Verdes Half-Marathon: 1:48:29
2004 Palos Verdes Half-Marathon: 2:06:47
2002 Santa Barbara Half-Marathon: 2:06:50


2022 - 1071.3 (1724.09km)
2021 - 1071 (1723.6 km)
2020 - 1111.8 (1789.26 km)
2019 - 1167.4 (1878.74 km)
2018 - 1132 (1821.77 km)
2017 - 1160 (1866.83 km)
2016 - 1212.5 (1951.32 km)
2015 - 1092.8 (1758.69 km)
2014 - 1169.5 (1882.12 km)
2013 - 1323.6 (2130.1 km)
2012 - 1175.2 (1891.30 km)
2011 - 1200 (1931.21 km)
2010 - 1105.6 (1779.29 km)
2009 - 1070.1 (1722.16 km)
2008 - 1152 (1853.96 km)
2007 - 1300 (2091.7 km)
2006 - 1064 (1712.34 km)
2005 - 1143 (1839.08 km)
2004 - 944.9 (1520.34 km)
2003 - 834.2 (1342.22 km)


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