Running Around the World!

baltimore harborI don't think there has been a year in my life when I've traveled as much as I did in 2019. There was never a dull moment as I zig-zagged my way around the globe a few times and one of the biggest anxieties I faced wasn't what to was managing a running routine! While I didn't always get to log as many miles as I might have liked (due primarily to tightly constrained flight and broadcast schedules), I did make sure to get SOME runs --even short ones-- everywhere I journeyed. I was mostly successful..and found surprising pleasure in these abbreviated workouts.

Thanks, as always, for your enthusiastic interest in my running endeavors...and to my coach Baker & trainer Andrew for keeping me motivated and injury free! I tallied a surprising # of miles when I added them all up...more than last year and, in fact, one of my higher on record!

Israel had me enjoying runs in Jerusalem* and along the magnificent seaside in Tel Aviv*.

Awards season in Hollywood means prime running in Los Angeles, Pasadena and Beverly Hills. I also made it to my hometown in Pennsylvania and beautiful Sydney, Australia.

Aboard an Azamara cruise ship to Cairns*, Australia, I wobbled through some high seas-treadmill runs. Back on dry land, I ran in the Hamptons and the Baltimore Harbor area.

Back to Los Angeles

NYC's Italy Run 5 miler was run in 47:23 on a beautiful Spring day in Central Park. That was followed up by a marathon of travels & new running experiences including Marina Del Rey, Orlando Florida*, Hudson Yards New York, Tokyo Japan* and Pennsylvania.

A month long birthday celebration started up and down the East Coast and led all the way to Hawaii with The Rock! Boston, Provincetown*, East Hampton, Baltimore, spectacular Kauai* and ended up in Beverly Hills.

My first trip to Vancouver* Canada kicked off my months of runs that eventually included old favorite locales like Pennsylvania, Los Angeles and Baltimore.

A punishing work/travel schedule was offset by exciting runs in Hong Kong, Perth Australia and Noumea* New Caledonia.

At sea in the South Pacific* while performing on a P&O Cruise, I managed a treadmill run but fared better in Sydney Australia before heading on to Cabo San Lucas*, Mexico. The seaside views were almost as spectacular as the time I spent with one of my favorite interviewees, Dwayne ("The Rock") Johnson. Kevin Hart was there, too, and he assured me his recent car accident won't have a long term impact on his own devotion to running. I finished out the month with a treadmill run in Los Angeles and had the pleasure of meeting music legend Jonny Mathis, who frequents the same gym and is also a "Dawn Patroller" like me...we were both in there at 5am!

I finished up this year of running adventures with a trip back to Orlando and many marvelous miles in my hometown, NYC.

Whew! I'm exhausted just recounting all of that!

*Denotes first time running locales


In addition to dozens of 5ks and 10ks, here are Nelson's marathon times:
2007 DC National Marathon: 4:03:46
2006 Palos Verdes Half-Marathon: 1:47:47
2011 Ted Corbitt 15k: 1:21:42
2005 Run for the Bay 10k: 45:38
2007 Santa Monica Mountains Trail 9k: 52:14 (1st Place Men 40-44, 9th Overall)
2011 Achilles Hope & Possibility 8k: 41:01
2009 Run for Central Park, 4 miler: 31:22
2006 Achievable Foundation 5k: 21:58

2014 LA Marathon: 4:42:22
2013 Hamptons Marathon 4:27:55
2011 NYC Marathon 4:21:37
2011 San Francisco Marathon 4:25:37
2010 Hamptons Marathon 4:19:48
2009 Hamptons Marathon 4:24:00
2008 Hamptons Marathon 4:26:11
2008 Bermuda International Marathon 4:17:51
2007 Catalina Eco-Marathon 4:41:30
2007 San Francisco Marathon 4:15:55
2006 Florence Marathon 4:22:11
2005 St Jude's Memphis Marathon: 4:11:39
2006 LA Marathon: 4:13:37
2005 LA Marathon: 4:14:01
2003 LA Marathon: 4:23:35
2002 LA Marathon: 5:08:11
2003 Honolulu Marathon: 4:47:55
2002 Honolulu Marathon: 4:32:53
2001 Honolulu Marathon: 4:51:31
2014 Grete's Great Gallop (NYC): 2:08:22
2013 NYC Half-Marathon: 2:03:41
2012 Grete's Great Gallop (NYC): 2:04:28
2012 Hamptons Half-Marathon: 2:03:05
2008 Palos Verdes Half-Marathon: 1:54:26
2005 Palos Verdes Half-Marathon: 1:48:29
2004 Palos Verdes Half-Marathon: 2:06:47
2002 Santa Barbara Half-Marathon: 2:06:50


2020 - 1111.8 (1789.26 km)
2019 - 1167.4 (1878.74 km)
2018 - 1132 (1821.77 km)
2017 - 1160 (1866.83 km)
2016 - 1212.5 (1951.32 km)
2015 - 1092.8 (1758.69 km)
2014 - 1169.5 (1882.12 km)
2013 - 1323.6 (2130.1 km)
2012 - 1175.2 (1891.30 km)
2011 - 1200 (1931.21 km)
2010 - 1105.6 (1779.29 km)
2009 - 1070.1 (1722.16 km)
2008 - 1152 (1853.96 km)
2007 - 1300 (2091.7 km)
2006 - 1064 (1712.34 km)
2005 - 1143 (1839.08 km)
2004 - 944.9 (1520.34 km)
2003 - 834.2 (1342.22 km)


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